Dr. Glen E. Newton

Dr. Glen Newton is a consulting engineer and the security architect for the ClearPath OS 2200 product line. Glen’s career with Unisys has spanned over 40 years in the areas of security, operations management, and operating systems. Glen has a broad focus on security, including system architecture, identification and authentication, authorization, cryptography, application security, threats and countermeasures, network security, auditing, security assessments, and the human element.

As a member of the Security Technology Steering Group within the Technology organization, Glen evaluates security trends and provides high-level guidance to management and technical staff on product definition and development, based on client requirements, technical feasibility, and business viability. Glen is also one of the leaders of the Security Vulnerability Team within Technology.

Glen has been a contributor to the ClearPath and Innovation blog since 2010 and has written multiple white papers on OS 2200 security. With other Unisys colleagues, he holds two patents in the areas of operations automation and security. Glen and a co-inventor won a Unisys innovation award and submitted several invention disclosures for mobile device security enhancements.

Glen has been a speaker at state, national, and international conferences on topics of computer operations and security. The Unisys User Group has given Glen several awards for best paper and best presentations at their conferences. Glen has also presented webinars and created a variety of technical update videos on OS 2200. He often collaborates with other Unisys organizations to address specific client security questions.

Glen earned his Ph.D. in computer science in 1973 and his Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) certification in 2008. He joined Unisys in 1976 after holding the University of Iowa Computer Science Department’s first Teaching-Research Fellowship and serving on the Washington State University Computer Science Department faculty.

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