Gholam Sheibani

With a career in Technology spanning more than 30 years in software development, system, network, and security design, engineering and operations in both public and private sectors including high secure environments, Gholam is a brilliant Technologist and Futurist possessing the perfect blend of expertise, political savvy, and professionalism. His expertise encompasses virtually every aspect of Information and Communications Technology and Security; additionally, he has vast experience in Strategic Planning, Governance/Risk/Compliance, and Management of Technology in the Enterprise Environment. His work with large multi-national corporations and his extensive contacts throughout the industry are invaluable assets.

Gholam holds a BSs. in Computer Science, with a Minor in International Economics from the prestigious American University in Paris, where he has also served as an Adjunct Associate Professor and Lecturer. He has performed significant work with Supra-National Organizations, including work as a Consultant to the United Nations, and with the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons in The Hague. His Private Sector involvement includes work with high profile clients in the Banking and Financial Services Industry, Transportation and Communications.

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