Upping the Ante in the Fight against Cybercrime

Executive Insights3 minutes readNov 7th, 2017

When we launched the new Unisys corporate narrative centering on leadership in security a year ago this week, we unveiled a new company vision statement – to enhance peoples’ lives through digital security – and an accompanying tagline, Securing Your Tomorrow™.

Our vision statement, and tagline, are more relevant today than ever.

Bolstering physical and cybersecurity are increasingly critical imperatives for businesses and governments alike. Unisys’ 20,000-plus associates come to work every day, ready to build security into everything we do, to help our clients protect their applications, data and systems so they can continue their day-to-day operations without interruption.

Today we bring another weapon to the fight. Unisys is proud to announce a new release of Unisys Stealth®, our award-winning microsegmentation security software whose portfolio includes Stealth(identity)™ for biometrics-based identity access management. The new version introduces greater interoperability and scalability to protect enterprise data in hybrid cloud environments anytime, anywhere – regardless of whether the data exists in a public or private cloud, in a data center or on a laptop or other mobile device. It also introduces adaptive protection with the ability to automatically isolate users at the first sign of compromise.

Judging by the especially strong signings for Stealth in our just-reported third quarter (the most new Stealth wins in a quarter to date), client demand for microsegmentation security is growing. In collaboration with a partner, we won an engagement to implement a Stealth pilot solution to provide microsegmentation capability for the U.S. Navy’s data center environment. A U.S. federal financial regulatory agency selected Stealth to help it comply with regulations mandated by the U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and enhance its security environment. And a national security agency selected Stealth(identity)™ as a core architectural element to integrate various biometric identifiers it needs to address a key security challenge.

Stealth may be the shining jewel in our security line-up, but it is not the only one. Just as Unisys continues to bring new IP-led, services-intensive solutions to the market, so too do we continue to provide Managed Security Services. We’ve won awards in this space this year from NelsonHall and HfS Research, and we recently welcomed a new leader – recognized security expert and thought leader Jonathan Goldberger – to drive the strategy and day-to-day operations of our global security services team.

Look for more security updates from Unisys in the coming weeks as we continue to up the ante in the fight against cybercrime.

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