Unisys: #LoveAugusta

Executive Insights3 minutes readNov 8th, 2018

When Unisys chose to open up a significant operation in Augusta Georgia in 2015, it was with both purpose and vision. Our purpose was to choose an area that not only would serve our associates, but one where Unisys and our associates could serve the area. Our vision was that of a town that could combine the best of small town America with low cost of living and high quality of life, with an exploding cyber-centric community of critical missions, careers, education, and training. In fact, when I first moved here as the Unisys Chief Trust Officer, I was quoted in the local media as saying that one day ‘cyber was going to give golf a run for its money here*.’ Well I’m thrilled to report, that that day has arrived.

Looking around Augusta today, as this brand new State of Georgia official video describes so well, it’s clear that Unisys made the right choice and in fact continues to contribute to that regional success. In Augusta, and throughout the entire 2 state / 7 county Fort Gordon Cyber District (full disclosure I’m a pro-bono board member here), Unisys and our hundreds of associates here are integral parts of the region’s cyber renaissance. Hosting civic meetings, providing governance to regional boards and councils, volunteering in areas of innovation, teaching coding clubs, lecturing in the public schools, both Akien and Augusta Tech colleges, and the wonderful cyber-centric Augusta University, and helping lead nationally recognized cyber events—Unisys is helping to lead this change.

Unisys was the first big global cyber-centric company to open up significant operations right downtown on the beautiful Riverwalk, where we house a global Security Operations Center (SOC) supporting both military and commercial clients, and where a large component of our White House Cyber Moonshot program is worked on. While we’re very proud to have been first movers, we’re thrilled that we’re no longer alone. With the opening this year of the hundred million dollar Cyber Center of Excellence just steps up the Riverwalk from our building, and the nationally expanding cyber role being performed so well at Fort Gordon, we now have a critical mass of cyber-centricity right in the heart of the city, which is attracting businesses large and small to join us here.

Please take a look at the new State of Georgia official video, and then brag to your friends and neighbors that Unisys is helping make Augusta a significant cyber player on the national scene. As we say down here — #LoveAugusta!

*Speaks to the rise of cyber, but with love and reverence for all that golf and the National mean for this city.

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