The CMO’s Role in Driving Innovation

Executive Insights3 minutes readJan 3rd, 2014

Staying connected and retaining mindshare of your consumers is harder than it has ever been.  If you are selling a product or a service, you can no longer rely on traditional methods of communication and selling. The competitive landscape has changed with agile and innovative companies embracing new technology mediums to interface with their consumers to ensure they are top of mind and easy to do business with.

CMOs are driving this type of innovation creating social and mobile strategies to improve the customer experience. In a recent interview with Leontyne Green-Sykes, US CMO of IKEA and Quincy Allen, SVP / Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer of Unisys, they shared their perspectives around their strategies and how regional differences must be incorporated into their plans. “When we think of our mobile strategy, it is really around making sure we get the message to our consumer in the best way,” says Leontyne. “But there is a variation in mobile usage. It can be to educate or to facilitate the shopping experience.  For social media in the US, we are focused on engaging the consumer to build a relationship vs. selling.  In other countries, like Sweden where there is a high penetration of IKEA consumers, we look beyond engagement to drive more commercial and promotional offers.”

It is clear that consumers, more than ever, are tapping their social communities to get their opinions and ratings on products and services before they purchase. Marketing must be aware and track the various social media outlets so they know what others are saying about their brand and products.  In many cases, the primary influencer may not be the company, but other consumers either positively or negatively driving the opinions of others.

Tracking, gathering and making intelligent decisions on all of the data that can be collected from these sources is a big challenge.  “You need to provide a stimulus to a consumer and see reaction instantaneously. If you can figure out who are and aren’t the buyers and what stimulus can be used to get non-buyers to become a customer.  We can use that information in a big data way to shorten our cycles,” says Quincy Allen of Unisys.

Whether your goal is to educate the consumer or facilitate the shopping experience, companies need to provide a new experience to entice and build a relationship for continual business with consumers. Watch the full video conversation with Leontyne and Quincy to learn their insights and strategies on what they are doing to drive business through social and mobile mediums.

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