The Changing Role of the CMO in the Consumer-Driven World

Executive Insights3 minutes readJan 3rd, 2014

More than 6 Billion mobile devices are being used globally and for the CMO to stay relevant with their customers increasingly means engaging them through their mobile devices as well as social media.   This requires the CMO to create a mobile and social media point of view and strategy.   I recently had the opportunity to interview Quincy Allen, SVP / Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer of Unisys and  Leontyne Green-Sykes, US CMO of IKEA.  When asked how these technologies impact their role as CMO Quincy stated that there are four things the CMO is trying to drive:  brand awareness; driving the preference for brand; how are you creating demand; cultivating loyalty from consumers.  “Advertising and QR codes are just a few ways that utilizing mobile devices brings immediacy connections with your customers but with that comes massive amounts of data from this effort”.   Unisys is using a new tool that gathers all that data from their web and social sites and collapses the data to pick out particular things of interest.  At IKEA, Leontyne is gauging customer interest from, Facebook, Twitter and Vine.  They have an auditing process in place that helps them stay aware and listen to what their consumers are saying and identify new opportunities to engage and interact.

To develop and implement a marketing plan that is responsive to the changing requirements of their customers both organizations leverage internal and external resources.  Unisys uses advertising firms to help get their message out to the mobile world and uses other external companies to help them with their social media strategies.  Leontyne feels it is important to use your internal and external sources as they help her understand what tools to use today and what future initiatives she should be aware of.

And as any good marketer knows you need to have key metrics that can be measured to understand if your mobile and social media strategy is being successful.  IKEA uses an Econometrix modeling system to get information on where they on where they are being the most effective and efficient at driving the business.  Quincy measures how many marketing qualified leads are they generating and they can progress them to sales qualified leads which in turn become deals.  “There can no longer be an inference of how marketing is influencing things – there must be a direct connection between the spend we are making and the business results we are driving”, replied Quincy in response on how he measures success.

As CMOs implement or extend the use of mobility and social computing within their organizations their strategy should be well thought out, leverage existing resources and external expertise and have the ability to gauge the success of their strategy to effectively react to changes in the market and provide the best possible customer experience.

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