Prepare Your Data Products for the Internet of Things with Big Data Analytics

Executive Insights3 minutes readJul 9th, 2014

People and technology continue to evolve expanding the scope of what is possible, reaching new milestones and achievements.  The term the “Internet of Things” (IoT), initially attributed to Kevin Ashton, an expert on digital innovation, originally focused on connecting data and people. This evolved over time to data being created by things. Today, most refer to IoT as the future state of one big information system where physical objects are connected to the internet and they are able to identify themselves to other devices. This new level of intelligence would allow computers to gather data about these objects, identify, track and count them, understand their life cycle to ultimately provide increased efficiency and reduce costs. The IoTs will create a massive amount of data and great data stream opportunities for organizations,” says Rod Fontecilla, Ph.D., VP Unisys Federal Systems.

Data is at the center of everything providing opportunities for information-centric differentiation and competitive advantage. According to Rod, “You need to view data as an enterprise asset – No longer is technology the driving force in an IT environment. Information – the “I” – now drives future business decisions, not the technology. As data becomes a fundamental asset of your enterprise, organizations need to extract the most pertinent information out of existing data to create new value in their enterprise.”

But having this new wealth of big data information also present challenges including analyzing the data and sharing it across organizations to get the most value out of it. Having the right analytics tools to look at the data is crucial coupled with trained staff that know what they are looking for and not overlook key information.  “While customers have domain expertise, they need skilled data scientists, tools and infrastructure to unlock the value of their data assets,” says Rod.

Utilizing the resources of IT providers that are experts in big data analytics is essential to ensuring your investment leads to higher business value. Unisys is a leading provider of enterprise data and an innovator in analytics services and solutions.   We help our clients prepare for and execute the promise of big data addressing both the “Big Data Infrastructure” and “Big Data Analytics” factors.  Unisys works with clients stepping them through the readiness stages to ensure you get the right data, then optimize costs through the infrastructure, implement the big data platform, and analyze the data to gain business insights. The Unisys Data Analytics methodology and framework also includes vertical industry and customer specific data products and “as a service” offerings.

Watch the Prepare Your Data Products for the Internet of Things with Big Data Analytics on this Applied Innovation Webinar on demand topic with Rod Fontecilla, Ph.D., VP Unisys Federal Systems and featured speaker, Frank Gillett of Forrester Research for additional information and insight on big data trends and solutions.

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