On Joining Unisys and Our Growth Trajectory

Executive Insights2 minutes readDec 5th, 2016

This is a really exciting day for me, as I join Unisys as Chief Marketing Officer. This is truly a great time to be with the company, and I’d like to share just a few of the reasons that led me to choose Unisys.

First, the Unisys of today. Among our 1,500 clients globally, we count more than 300 government agencies and half of the top 50 banks. Eighteen of the top 25 airlines rely on Unisys solutions, and we serve nine of the world’s top insurance companies. Looking at numbers like these from the outside, it was hard not to be impressed with the critical role we play in keeping key industries moving, each and every day.

Secondly, where the company is going. In order to compete on today’s global stage, organizations must strive to increase agility, efficiency and intelligence without sacrificing security. They are looking for guidance and a trusted partner to help them forge disruptive trends in cloud, mobility, social and big data with an increased awareness of cyber security. With overall worldwide IT spending exceeding $3.5 trillion by 2018 and nearly $1 trillion just on IT Services alone (source: Gartner Forecast: IT Spending, Worldwide, 3Q16 Update, October 13, 2016), the addressable market and growth opportunities for Unisys over time are both substantive and promising.

And finally, the people. As I said in the press release, I am truly inspired by Unisys’ vision, strategy and our many talented people. Thanks to all the Unisys team has done, our vertical go-to-market approach is beginning to yield positive results, Unisys Stealth® and our other security offerings continue to gain traction in the market and our recently-announced “Securing Your Tomorrow™” brand awareness campaign is the perfect vehicle to take all of these messages to the market. And speaking of tomorrow, keep an eye on our website Tuesday, as we’ll be making an exciting announcement about a new security offering!

Our momentum is building, and I am personally energized to hit the ground running and roll up my sleeves with our world-class team to make important contributions to the Unisys growth trajectory.

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