My POV on Mentorship, STEM, Strategy and Marketing as a Growth Driver

Executive Insights2 minutes readJul 24th, 2018

I was recently interviewed by Ziff Davis, a leading global digital media publisher, on career and marketing insights that I’ve gained over decades of leading game-changing innovations, including with four Fortune 500 companies, seven top Silicon Valley startups and now Unisys.

My interview was captured in a five-part series of articles called “Marketing as the Growth Driver.” In the five-part series, I provide my perspectives on the many areas that shape what modern marketing is. From my background and career advice for rising women in the workplace, to the importance of STEM, to the strategic planning process and framework for viewing the rapid transformations in business – the folks at Ziff Davis asked a lot of questions and covered a lot of ground.

I invite you to read these articles to see my career advice as well as the multifaceted benefits that modern marketing delivers. Marketing is more than a single part of the success of a company. Simply put, it is the company. It is our brand. It is our story. It is our products and services. It is our differentiation. In today’s digital world, it is also how we engage with prospects and clients along the buyer’s journey. I hope you will share my excitement on the inspired, cross-industry innovations Unisys is undertaking.

Each part of the series is linked below. I invite you to read the one that resonates with your business most, or all of them to get a complete story of how Marketing really is an inherent growth driver. Enjoy, and please let me know if you have any comments or questions.

Part 1: The Importance of Mentors
Part 2: The Importance of Moore’s Law and STEM
Part 3: Strategic Planning Is a Process
Part 4: Selling to C Level Executives
Part 5: Shared Vision, Goals & KPIs

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