Mobile Trendsetters: Developing a Mobility Strategy to Drive Innovation and Business Value

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For the past few years, employees have been at the heart of the mobility revolution, blending personal and business technology to make themselves more productive. Now, increasingly we see enterprises embracing mobility as a core part of their business and IT strategies to drive revenue, enhance customer or citizen engagement, improve employee satisfaction, and be more competitive. However, some are more successful than others in taking advantage of the opportunities mobility creates to achieve tangible business value. This comes from taking a mature approach to strategy development, IT implementation and ROI measurement.

To understand where enterprises are on the mobility maturity curve now and what results they are realizing, Unisys engaged IDG Research Services to conduct research across 13 countries with close to 500 business and IT decision-makers. In this year’s research, we identified a new class of “Mobile Trendsetters” at the top of the mobility maturity curve. These are organizations that stand out due to their very mature practices around mobility business strategy, IT implementation and ROI measurement. As a result, the business value they realize from mobility programs is significant. In fact, the research shows the further up an organization stands along the scale of mobile maturity, the greater its business gains.

Over the four years Unisys has conducted market research into Enterprise Mobility, the focus and conversation has matured along with many of the practices. According to Darren McGrath, Global Director, Unisys Mobility Solutions, “In the first couple of years, we even had to try to convince some IT departments that mobility wasn’t a trend that would go away and that their employees were actually bringing their own devices into the workplace. Now we find that there are organizations – these Mobile Trendsetters – that no longer just focus on what type of device to deploy, whether BYO is the right approach, or what basic apps can be mobilized. They have business and IT teams working hand-in-hand to deliver mobility programs that deliver innovation, extract real business value and provide highly engaging and productive user experiences for their employees, partners, and customers.”

Mobile Trendsetters create their mobility strategies with a focus on improving business operations, enhancing customer/citizen service, and generating revenue. They are more likely than the average organization to be using mobility to innovate to:

  • Improve customer interactions
  • Improve employee productivity
  • Redefine business processes
  • Enhance existing products and services and develop new ones
  • Create new revenue streams and channels to market
  • And lower customer acquisition costs.

As a result, the business results they’re achieving are well ahead of the global average and organizations with less mature mobility practices. The higher up the mobility maturity curve, the greater the ROI results, including hard cost savings and revenue increases as well as softer benefits such as increases in employee productivity and customer satisfaction. Of the Mobile Trendsetters, 19% reported achieving 10% or greater ROI (the mean being 23%), with an additional 44% of them achieving 5-10% ROI. More than one-third of the Mobile Trendsetters reported that greater than 10% of their 2013 revenue can be attributed to their mobility initiatives (the mean being 24%).

Says Darren McGrath, “From what we see in the research and our work with clients to develop mobility strategies, it is clear that to innovate and deliver highly-successful business outcomes, organizations must move from a starting point that is focused on devices and apps to one that is about business value and the user experience.”

Watch the Applied Innovation Webinar on demand on this topic with Darren McGrath, Global Director, Unisys Mobility Solutions, for additional information and insight about the Mobile Trendsetters’ best practices around business strategy, IT implementation and ROI measurement.

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