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Executive Insights3 minutes readAug 20th, 2014

As one of the biggest IT disruptive trends, cloud computing is part of almost every IT conversation. With a hyper growth rate forecasted by most major publications and researchers, the key question is ‘are you executing your strategy to get the most of your cloud investments?’

Organizations are looking for the many benefits that cloud services can offer including innovation, speed, agility and cost savings regardless of a private and/or public could implementation. Clearly internal private or hosted private cloud implementations have been more readily adopted than public clouds primarily due to their perceived lower security risks. But there is still plenty of confusion and lack of understanding of cloud options and capabilities in the IT realm. End users typically don’t care about what is behind the IT curtain, they just want access and where it comes from is not important.  IT leaders do care and are confronted with the risks of choosing the right option and vendor that will give them peak performance, security and support at the right price.

“As comfort levels increase, hybrid cloud solutions will become more prominent in the data center,” says Colin Lacey, VP, Infrastructure and Cloud Solutions at Unisys. Cloud advisory services can help organizations build a custom roadmap that outlines their vision of a hybrid enterprise based on a combination of existing data center, internal cloud, and external cloud resources to provide agility, flexibility, and control.  Executive team concerns can be addressed by bringing in outside expertise and help build confidence in the right approach for their cloud implementation plan.

“The better an organization is able to aim, deploy, and execute its cloud strategy, the faster they will achieve their business objectives,” notes Lacey. Unisys has illustrated this over a period of years, and throughout numerous clients, leveraging our suite of cloud solutions.  We advise clients on selecting applications and aligning cloud opportunities with their business strategies.  Secure selected workloads to give them zero visibility and then manage IT environments with a single view.

For additional information and insight on maximizing your cloud computing solutions to deliver the speed, flexibility and security your enterprise need watch the Applied Innovation Webinar on demand with Colin Lacey, VP, Infrastructure and Cloud Solutions  Solutions, Unisys and featured speaker, Dave Bartoletti of Forrester Research.

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