Key Ingredients of Successful Partnerships – Part III

Executive Insights3 minutes readDec 17th, 2015

Part III

The final post in this series builds on the teamwork and innovation ingredients highlighted in the previous blog entry. In addition, for many of our clients having a provider with global footprint capabilities is one of the essential requirements in considering Unisys has a partner.

Nationwide Building Society is the world’s largest building society with 14+ million members and 700 branches. Nationwide has been a long-time Unisys client for over 35 years.  Impressive right? But a partnership that long can’t survive by living on its laurels, it must continue to show innovation. The banking industry has changed with the demands of providing services through mobile, social and other digital means. These new services reduce visits to branches while increasing the digital demands with requirements for shorter fulfillment time of services.  “We needed to innovate to differentiate our services and Unisys brought us fresh thinking,” mentions Daryl Wilkinson, Head of Group Innovation, Nationwide Building Society. The Unisys Nationwide client associate engaged Daryl on Twitter, listening, sharing and contributing to the iterative conversation. “Unisys caught my eye by engaging me online offering new ideas that aligned to our priorities including biometrics,” adds Wilkinson.  Engaging with clients and partners through different means like social media reinforces the alignment of like minds working together. The key ingredient to the partnership is providing innovation with a willingness to experiment, iterate and be part of the dialog to propose and build new solutions. DaryI will continue to innovate as he moves on to a new role as Managing Partner of Lab12 Innovation Ltd..

Piper Jaffray is a leading investment bank and asset management firm that has a highly mobile workforce, significant technology demand, and a rapid pace of technology adoption. Over the last 12 years, Unisys has partnered with Piper Jaffray providing Data Center Services, Service Desk and Deskside services. “Unisys understands our needs and has a ‘client first’ approach across our disparate locations providing the scalability and service levels we require,” says Shawn Quant, Managing Director and Chief Information Officer of the Piper Jaffray Companies and the Chief Operating Officer of Piper Jaffray Investment Management. Unisys and Piper Jaffray share the same client-focused approach leading to a long-term strategic partnership. “We have a mid-market alignment and value the Unisys global footprint where Unisys business partnerships can also be leveraged and integrated into our business,” sites Quant. The key ingredients to the partnership are having constructive engagement and working together to provide advice and guidance with both companies gaining mutual benefit globally.

This blog series shared several examples of the key ingredients of successful partnerships including teamwork, respect, innovation, constructive engagement, and trusted global expertise. It is key to remember that in all relationships there will be changes that occur over time that could disrupt the health and value of the partnership if they are ignored. Lasting partnerships require communication and hard work by all parties to ensure they continue to provide mutual benefit to everyone involved.

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