Forget the Apps: Mobile-Powered Workflow Delivers Content Where and When You Need It

Executive Insights3 minutes readApr 15th, 2014

People, paper and process aren’t new issues to businesses, especially where the amount of paper and content required to support audits, compliance and security measures are essential.  The challenge has been how they can do more with less while still providing the desired outcomes including:

  • Improve customer and citizen services and satisfaction
  • Reduce costs of operations through improved operational efficiency
  • Improve employee productivity and streamline business processes
  • Ensure and reduce man-hours required for regulatory compliance

The disruptive IT trends driving the increased use of mobile devices, associated new apps, and cloud storage are staff-empowering technologies that are being embraced to help with this challenge.  But these new capabilities may not be utilized properly and could jeopardize your Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system.

“Having an ECM solution for your business is more important than ever,” explains Charles Bisom-Rapp, Solution Director for Unisys. “Content is arriving from everywhere: documents, emails, videos, podcasts, voicemails, texts, tweets, Facebook posts, LinkedIn, conversations, customer analytics, etc. and it needs to be effectively managed.”

These disruptive trends are driving required change and influencing innovative ECM solutions by shifting them from traditional systems and “owned” infrastructure, toward SaaS and Cloud and Hybrid offerings. Digital content growth and new e-discovery laws are driving the need to empower with enterprise intelligence for competitive advantage. Improving enterprise collaboration requires harnessing social computing without compromising customer privacy and security.

“ECM and the nexus of forces permits delivery of  Right Information, via Right Process, to the Right Person at the Right Time, Regardless of Location,” notes Bisom-Rapp. “There are variations of business challenges, priorities and requirements across different industries, and ECM remains more important than ever.”

InfoImage is the Unisys ECM solution for enterprises that can significantly improve business processes which are heavily dependent upon transactional content – high volume paper, documents generated from internet transactions, and other electronic documents that need to be accessed for automated and improved human and operational processes. InfoImage also has an integrated Business Process Management (BPM) [aka Workflow] component.  Unisys provides a Mobile ECM solution extending reach to mobile devices with application integration that drives faster, more accurate decisions from anytime, anywhere. InfoImage ECM is also available as a Software as a Service (SaaS) offering to allow new implementations to be rapidly deployed in a secure cloud environment, and then tailored and enhanced to meet specific ECM needs. InfoImage brings together ECM, imaging, workflow, document management, web and integration technologies to form an innovative integrated end-to-end solution.

“Change in technology, requirements, and processes are constant. Both organizations and providers can be proactive in anticipating and preparing for change,” explains Bisom-Rapp. “By choosing the right ECM tools, you can stay ahead of these changes, embracing cloud and mobile technologies where they can help meet and exceed your operational goals.”

Watch the Applied Innovation Webinar on demand on this topic with Charles Bisom-Rapp, Unisys Solution Director, InfoImage – Enterprise Content Management for additional information and insight.

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