Announcing Wave 3 of the 2017 Unisys Security Index™: Diving Deep on Industry Concerns

Executive Insights3 minutes readNov 1st, 2017

As a company that builds security into all we do like no other, Unisys takes seriously both the bonds we form with our clients in addressing their physical and cybersecurity needs and our social responsibility to help ensure consumer safety and security. In June, we released Wave 1 results of the Unisys Security Index™, focusing on general security concerns of more than 13,000 consumers in 13 countries worldwide. We learned that concerns over identity theft and bankcard fraud, because of their personal impact on consumers, lead the way in an environment in which other physical and cybersecurity concerns continue to rise dramatically.

In Wave 2, the results of which we released in September, we measured security concerns on one of the fastest-growing IT phenomena of our time: the Internet of Things (IoT) — the nexus of intelligent devices encompassing industrial sensors, medical devices, smart cars, home appliances, fitness trackers and many more. The primary takeaway is that consumers want control over their IoT-related data. Another key takeaway is that peoples’ comfort with IoT devices depends on the situation. Most consumers, for example, don’t want police being able to track fitness monitor data to know their location anytime. They also don’t want health insurers tracking fitness activity to determine premiums or reward behavior – but they do support medical devices like pacemakers or blood sugar sensors transmitting significant changes to their doctor. Not to mention a button on their smart watch or phone to tell police their location in an emergency.

I am proud to announce the third and final wave in the Unisys Security Index, which breaks down our data even further to examine security concerns by industry. Our newly-created Point of View (POV) papers focus on issues that are most important to our clients, ranging from hackers and our healthcare records to security in pharmaceuticals to threats to our banking data. The four POVs are as follows:

Please take a few moments and check out this latest round of thought leadership on security. We hope the Unisys Security Index continues to provide you with context and answers for how to address your own security, this time with an eye on your own industry.

Securing Your Tomorrow™ is more than our tagline; it’s how we do business.

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