A CTO’s View on Security

Executive Insights1 minute readApr 14th, 2020

Keeping critical data secure is paramount for businesses and governments around the world. In the following articles for Forbes and a video interview on Dark Reading, I discuss just a few of the hot topics in cybersecurity, including Identity management, container security, ransomware, and quantifying the impact of cyber risk.

Video interview on Dark Reading: Unisys Talks ID Management, Container Security, and C-Suite Disconnects

Vishal discusses identity management necessities and ways to foster more productive security conversation.

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Forbes Articles on Security:

How To Avoid Paying The High Price Of Ransomware — And How To Act Fast When You Are Hit

It’s Time For CISOs, Boards And Executives To Have Objective Conversations About Cyber Risk

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Vishal Gupta was elected a senior vice president by the Board of Directors in July 2018. He is responsible for driving Unisys’ Products and Platforms business through an integrated digital strategy for the company’s solutions, including products and services.