Welcome to European Voices

European Voices2 minutes readJun 27th, 2012

I’m pleased to announce that our European Voices blog pages are up and running; bringing you a range of insights from across the region.

You can read local language posts from Unisys bloggers across Europe, spanning Unisys’ Areas of Strength – Security; Data Center Transformation and Outsourcing; End-User Outsourcing and Support Services and Application Modernization and Outsourcing – and views on the six disruptive IT trends that Unisys has identified as changing the way that enterprises operate and buying decisions get made.

The key to these blog pages are that they deliver some of the powerful local expertise that Unisys has to offer across Europe; all in local language. This ensures a real clarity and authenticity of voice for audiences across the region.

Please look through the site and share any content you like via the various social media share buttons on each post. Equally, if there are things you think we can change, please let us know your feedback on the site.  If you have any questions about this blog – or you’re a Unisys employee and you’d like to add your voice to the mix – please contact me via the feedback page below, via email or on Twitter @Milo_Miles.