VMware and Unisys: Transforming Your Workspace

European Voices3 minutes readApr 27th, 2015

We were very pleased to welcome VMware to our Brussels office recently during their Benelux Roadshow for selected partners.

Being a strong partner on end-user computing they addressed the dynamic workspace for a room full of interested companies who were eager to know more on the modern workspace; where business is done everywhere, productivity is improved and organisations grow.

What’s people computing?

Always on. Anywhere. Any device. That’s people computing.

It’s all about people, and it always will be. This certainly applies to IT. First, people needed to adapt to IT but nowadays it’s the other way around: it’s the IT that needs to adapt to the user. That does not just mean that you should provide your employees with the right devices for the job at the right place and the right moment. You should also make sure that every employee has access to – and support for – the services that are geared to their role, no more and no less.

If one thing is clear: people computing is about transformation, a journey that Unisys does together with the customer. And more importantly: it’s not one size fits all.

Modern day advantages

The advantages of the dynamic workspace are numerous: easily scalable, safer, fosters cost reduction and flexibility, as mentioned: your office can be anywhere and on any device. And with IT being managed centrally, your IT personnel can focus on added value tasks for your business.

In this journey of transformation Unisys is driven by honesty and strategy. We want to get to know your company: Who is the user? What are his needs? And how can we facilitate this in a secure way?

Now, what does this mean for your company?

This brings us to the most important question when it comes to the dynamic workspace: how can it work for your company?

Unisys has a holistic approach to this. Together with the customer we need to define what are the aspects to consider: it’s clear that each user and department has its own application needs. We do this via assessments, innovation workshops and value engineering.The attendees at the VMware roadshow were pleasantly surprised about the Unisys Value Engineering method. It is a type of quality assessment they are not accustomed to and that supports the decision making process when going for a new workspace.

As a company it’s all about understanding your strategy for now and the years to come, before you can start optimizing. Let’s continue the journey together, improve productivity and get users more empowered!

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