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European Voices2 minutes readSep 17th, 2014

Unisys takes you through a criminal investigation at CJM 2014

In the city where Sir Arthur Conan Doyle set Sherlock Holmes’ pioneering efforts in crime science, Unisys will showcase the latest technology to support large scale criminal investigations.

At CJM 2014 – on 25th September in London – we’ll be demonstrating our new cloud-based HOLMES solution for UK policing, based on our U-LEAF platform, using real examples such as following a drugs investigation from the streets of a UK city to the confines of a prison. Through the process of managing the investigation you will see how this tool set can assist law enforcement agencies and address contemporary issues such as serious crime and prison contraband in a way that is based on evidence based practice.

Our demo scenario starts in a neighbourhood and tracks our suspects, their patterns of behaviour, associations, history and current activity so all of the data can be analysed, visualised and lines of enquiry can be assessed. The investigation moves through to conviction, and via human intelligence, leads to another line of enquiry focussing on the use of contraband inside a prison. As the investigation proceeds the comprehensive set of functions and features of HOLMES and U-LEAF assist the investigators, analysts and supervisors so the case can be conducted and resolved in the most efficient way possible.

Underpinning the application is a POLE – person, object, location or event database – which is the foundation for fast and flexible searching and for security and control. Unisys has incorporated this feature alongside pre-configured entities so new evidence can be recorded flexibly and easily in any format. This provides short-cuts around implementation schedules and future-proofs against legislative or other changes.

Although our demonstration focuses on investigation and intelligence, U-LEAF covers a broad-range of international criminal justice management requirements, and provides all the benefits you would expect from a modern IT framework in terms of support for rapid application development in fast-paced environments.

So, whether it is serious and complex crimes, volume crime, case preparation, custody, intelligence investigation or fraud, through the application of U-LEAF law enforcement agencies all over the world can investigate with confidence.

Come along to CJM 2014 and say hello on stand six, we’ll be happy to run you through our demonstrations.

Also, look out for news on HOLMES and UK policing later in September!

Watch the full U-LEAF video.

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