@TomTalks Security with @ChiOnwurah and The NewStatesman

European Voices2 minutes readMar 9th, 2017

Unisys supported the launch of The NewStatesman’s latest cyber security report at the Houses of Parliament

A team of @Unisys_Security experts – headed by our Chief Trust Officer Tom Patterson – was lucky enough to support the recent launch of The NewStatesman’s latest cyber security report: The NewStatesman Spotlight™ on Cyber Security – Disrupting Diplomacy.

Tom addressed the assembled business and government leaders at the ‘standing room only’ launch event, harking back to the days when he had an office at Westminster in his role as a security advisor to UK government. (Rumour has it The Crown is still has some questions for him regarding a number of holes drilled in the wall while inspecting fibre optic cables!)

During his talk, Tom outlined how to navigate the path to digital transformation by leveraging new techniques in the security field such as micro-segmentation, behavioral biometrics and the importance of working on a zero trust basis. He also highlighted the requirement for new thinking and the requirement for an adaptive security model to support continuous response to threats.

Tom also echoed the concerns of Shadow minister for Industrial Strategy – Chi Onwurah – who discussed her role to generate awareness within Parliament of the security risks posed by emerging trends such as the Internet of Things and the evolution of data transfer and management.

The NewStatesman’s latest report
The latest Spotlight report includes some great content from a wide range of the industry’s leading experts and policy makers, including the new chief executive of the National Cyber Security Centre, Ciaran Martin; the former MI6 director, Nigel Inkster; Edward Snowden’s chief legal advisor on spies and security, Ben Wizner; the Chair of the Public Accounts Committee on cyber skills, Meg Hillier MP and Elizabeth Denham, the Information Commissioner.

Our contribution to the report is from Salvatore Sinno – Unisys’ Global Chief Security Architect – and can be found on page 28. Titled ‘Federated Identity and Standardised Biometrics for Success’ we take a look at how standards can foster adoption of new technologies for identification and authentication.

If you want to learn more about Unisys’ work in security follow us on Twitter, Tom’s blog, the Unisys LinkedIn pages or our security web site.

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