Q&A with Mike Hurley, Global Managed Services VP, Unisys EMEA

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Mike Hurley, Global Managed Services VP, Unisys EMEAUnisys recently sponsored the Gartner Outsourcing and Strategic Partnership Summit where there were some great presentations from Gartner’s leading analysts including Gianluca Tramacere, Linda Cohen and Dave Aron, and from HM Revenue & Customs’ CIO, Mark Hall.

I caught up with Unisys VP, Mike Hurley, to ask his views from the show:

How was the Gartner Outsourcing and Strategic Partnership Summit for Unisys?

The event provided us with a great platform to connect with key decision makers of multinational organisations, as well as some of Gartner’s key analysts in the outsourcing and managed services arena. Many of the keynote presentations offered great insight into the current challenges that the industry is facing now and for the future. At the lunch we hosted, we discussed how we are facing the challenges offered by a vision of the world in 2020 and how we can use technology to face these challenges. What is clear is that our industry is at an inflection point and new methods of working and a fresh view of IT must be worked through.

What were the key challenges you heard about at the show?

There were many, from sourcing issues to cloud migration to the CIOs approach to succeeding in a digital world. But one of the critical challenges that we hear time and time again is mobility. Companies tell us that they have employees and stakeholders within their businesses trying to access private, public and traditional data centres through a multitude of secured and unsecured devices. This creates issues of security and integrity of their IP and network assets. We can definitely say that the consumerisation of IT in relation to mobility is forcing the agenda for many CIOs as they look to keep pace with the changing behaviours of the workforce. To that end, Gartner recently positioned us in the “Visionaries” quadrant in this year’s Magic Quadrant report for Managed Mobility Services, because we have a clear methodology and strong roadmap to supporting CIOs through that change.

What are your customers saying about these new disruptive trends?

That they’re real and that they are changing the landscape! There are many factors to contend with including increasingly virtualised environments, the explosion of applications, the desire for everything-as-a-service and the consumerisation of IT. Consumerisation brings obvious device management challenges with it, but it also means the workforce demands an experience based service and you have to ensure this is all delivered within a secure environment. Some recent Unisys research identified a band of employees, known as the Mobile Elite, which place personal productivity at the centre of what they do. To achieve their objectives the Mobile Elite often circumvent corporate protocols and utilise multiple consumer devices and applications to get their job done effectively; whether the tools are sanctioned by their employer or not.

One of the trends that emerged with the Mobile Elite is Bring Your Own Application, or BYOA, which means employees start using consumer apps to perform their role, often at the risk of the corporate data or network security. What this tells us is corporations need to have a highly flexible application infrastructure that enables their employee base and delivers productivity back to your company or they could pay the consequences of a security breach. There will always be employees that don’t play by the rules, but to counter the Mobile Elite’s need for tools that deliver productivity we have many conversations with our customers about our Application Managed Services suite to increase the pace that their applications portfolio can respond to business needs in a cost effective way.

If people are driving changes to IT to such a degree, how is Unisys addressing this paradigm shift?

Unisys offers an innovative portfolio that puts people’s productivity first. Our People Computing approach empowers users for maximum business impact without compromising control, compliance or security. Whether it’s ITSM-as-as-Service, application managed services, cloud migration, BYOD, BYOA, app modernisation, workforce productivity, security or end user support and concierge services; we’re able to address the issues to deliver better user experience and more productivity back to end users and their companies.

The next generation of end user support and concierge services is a major play for us at the moment as we’re providing a contrarian approach to the market that is delivering major ROI for our customers. We’re delivering concierge services in the form of on-site service desks at high staff volume sites to rectify problems, replace devices or simply coach employees through their personal IT when required. This means downtime is at a minimum, convenience at a maximum and productivity and ROI is delivered back to the business. We’ve seen as many as 25,000 productive hours a year generated for one customer, equating to around $6 million in regained productivity. This shows the service desk doesn’t have to be a one size fits all service. Obviously, we want to shift left down the traditional cost model for support services but ultimately, we want to do it right.

How can people contact you to learn more?

You can find me on LinkedIn or tweet me @mikehurunisys.

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