Unisys & Equinix join forces @LDNTechWeek

European Voices2 minutes readJun 10th, 2016

Unisys & Equinix join forces @LDNTechWeek.

On June 22 Unisys will be attending the London Technology Week Event with Equinix as our partner.

Our objective is to address a number of key business challenges affecting the whole market. As disparate and unwieldy data environments grow, effective data management has become more challenging. Data ecosystems often comprise legacy and modern systems, which have become difficult to migrate to cloud, are at risk of under analysis, and form fertile ground for cyber-attacks, both internal and external.

As the digital enterprise is expected to become more agile, proactive, and informed, deficient data analysis and out-dated security are putting business at risk of decoupling from the digital consumer. Confidence in business is greatly influenced by the ability to both safeguard and interpret data.

Data sets have grown, and continue to grow, exponentially. Cloud migration has become a business norm, but reaction times required to harness and protect – both in the private and public sectors – are dangerously slow. There are gains to be made, and penalties to be avoided.

Technological history and experience in the data centre environment position Unisys as a unique systems integrator. We understand the business challenges of an enterprise level transformation from the hardware, software, and service delivery level. The ability to build enterprise strength environments that are risk-adverse, fully scalable for business needs, and secure is intuitive to Unisys.

By teaming with Equinix, Unisys offers innovative security solutions that utilise cutting-edge internetworking technologies to accelerate data centre consolidation and cloud adoption for enterprise-class customers.

Unisys and Equinix work closely to develop new solutions that enable clients to make better use of cloud technologies and connect services from multiple ecosystem partners with confidence.

Come visit us at Code Node, 10 South Place, London, EC2M 7EB, for more information on the changing world of the digital enterprise.

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