Calling CIOs and IT leaders: Challenge Your Thinking at Unisys’ European Executive Exchange

European Voices2 minutes readSep 26th, 2014

Conventional thinking gets you nowhere in today’s fast-paced business environment, and that’s why Unisys takes a slightly different approach to its client-focused European Executive Exchange

Our latest European Executive Exchange is being held in Central London on October 1st 2014 and it follows last year’s highly-successful inaugural session, which took a new approach to strategic customer counsel and collaboration.

This year we’ll run a freeform, peer-to-peer workshop where participants can exchange ideas and highlight modern mission critical IT and business issues. The session will address the issues that are impacting our guests and their organisations now, and those that they associate with the future of the workspace.

To get the most out of this working session, Unisys is working with Group Partners, a highly innovative consultancy that is dedicated to the strategic development of frameworks as visual tools. Group Partners uses visual and illustrative techniques to get to what matters to the group as quickly and as meaningfully as possible.

John Caswell from Group Partners, said: “Ninety percent of all information transmitted to the brain is visual and it gets processed 60,000 times faster than text. For that reason we implement highly visual techniques and proven logical structures to deliver great discussion and a powerful visual outcome. This is coupled with a very clear focus on what actually matters to the people in the room so that we create valuable insights and ideas that Unisys’ guests can apply to their business.”

Areas for discussion this year include learnings from the global IT business with Unisys CEO, Ed Coleman; the future of the workspace, empowering employees within the digital enterprise; delivering user-centric models; mapping the digital transformation journey; security challenges and turning the IT department into an ‘as a service’ operation.

If you’re the CIO or IT leader of a large business and you’re interested in learning more about our session, or if you would like to attend the event please contact us for more information.

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