Appointment Q&A: James Mayo, Vice President Sales UKMEA

European Voices3 minutes readJan 26th, 2015

James Mayo, Vice President Sales UKMEAUnisys is proud to announce the appointment of James Mayo as Vice President Sales UKMEA.

James joins Unisys from HCL’s infrastructure services division where he led the New Business team for UK & Ireland. At Unisys, he is responsible for overseeing revenue growth in the company’s priority markets, including public sector, financial services and telcos.

We asked James a series of questions on his appointment.

Why did you move from your last role?

There are business changes that are shifting the way the IT industry now operates. Companies are under relentless pressure to innovate, serve end users in new ways and exploit disruptive technologies such as cloud, mobility, big data and social computing. At the same time, companies are expected to ensure that their mission critical processes continue to run at peak performance 24/7. All of this means that organisations no longer procure computing resources or deliver IT services to their end users in the same way as before.

Unisys focuses on delivering modern mission critical solutions to its customers, so the company is perfectly positioned to help businesses address these emerging challenges. I’m looking forward to helping Unisys grow in the delivery of modern mission critical IT.

Why did you choose to move to Unisys?

Aside from the company’s focus on modern mission critical IT, Unisys has three other distinct advantages most providers don’t.

These include:

  • Manufacturing and building technology
  • Intellectual property in key application areas (mortgage & savings and engagement with all of police forces across the UK)
  • Service solutions

As well as this, Unisys also benefits from its size. We’re big enough to have the capability, competency and flexibility to leverage shared services and resourcing models. But not too big that those smaller contracts will get lost in the noise.

From a personal perspective, the Unisys brand is relatively misunderstood in the UK. It’s my mission to shift outdated perceptions and have the Unisys brand associated with genuine 21st Century offerings, for example stack-based provisioning within the specific capabilities that we can offer.

What challenges will the financial sector face this year?

There’s always ongoing change within the financial services sector. This year, we’ll start to see a real push for digitalisation around mobile applications and improving the end-user experience from a front-end perspective. The big test will be for the large players to be agile enough to keep their customer base. While investing in the latest technology innovations, banks must make sure that they keep their mission critical applications running – as these are still the foundation of their operations.

What challenges will the public sector face this year?

Public sector, and in particular criminal justice agencies like the police, Home Office and Ministry of Justice, have always struggled to ensure communication between the agencies is done so securely. There’ll need to be a lot of work done in 2015 to ensure that this part of Government is secure and joined-up.

What piece of advice would you share with someone looking to be successful in the IT industry?

Nothing stays the same for very long. There’s both massive opportunity and challenges with this. The challenge is there are people that are exploring boundaries bigger and faster in our industry. If you can keep up with change and think dynamically, you will succeed. If not, you will very quickly become outdated.

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