Advancing the Digital Transformation Agenda in the UK

European Voices2 minutes readMay 9th, 2016

The UK Government recently went live with the new Digital Outcomes and Services (DOS) framework, which forms part of the Government’s Digital Marketplace (GDS). This is an important step in the UK’s digital transformation journey. Unisys has been named as a supplier to this framework, which adds to our global means of helping governments develop and deploy innovation.

Digital transformation occurs at various levels across an enterprise. The UK Government has created the Digital Marketplace to transform how it commissions digital and cloud services. The aim is to make the procurement process for users simpler, clearer and faster through access to key capabilities and services within a single marketplace. This will improve the level of service across the public sector by facilitating digital transformation more broadly across the UK government enterprise. Timeliness, quality of service, efficiency, and transparency are all expected and powerful benefits.

The Digital Marketplace will enable the UK to benefit from the transformative power of new business models and new ways of delivering services across government. Hybrid models, which I wrote about in my earlier blog, Hybrid Models are Key to Driving Innovation, leverages cloud and virtualization techniques with a mixture of open standards, application program interfaces and chunking of databases and legacy code into interoperable modules. This provides the needed flexibility to move down a successful path toward toward digital government.

As part of this ecosystem in the UK, we see tremendous potential for Unisys to support transformation initiatives in two of the four sections of the framework – digital outcomes and digital specialists categories. These will include Agile delivery, cloud-based service development, data auditing and service desk support.

Striking the right balance between technology and process innovation is important. The UK DOS and Digital Marketplace are foundational components toward government-wide digital transformation and will enable many projects along this path in years to come.

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