Year in the Rear View Mirror: Part I

Disruptive IT Trends2 minutes readNov 29th, 2011

As the blog editor, I spent some time reviewing and facilitating bloggers’ ideas. In doing so, I have the privilege of working with some brilliant minds at Unisys who spend most of their time innovating and solving security challenges.

This year we focused heavily on challenges rising from cyber security, consumerization of IT and social media. Really, how could we not? While most of the content in the blogosphere focused on the “what” are these challenges, I would like to think we added more to the “how” are enterprises going to be begin addressing these security challenges.

Over the next few weeks I want to highlight three bloggers that challenged us to think beyond the “what”, and gave us content to really dive into the “how”. First up, Jan Wiewiora and his September post on Preventing Data Leaks Before They Occur. While most content is focused on the sensationalism of what happens after a data leak, Jan builds a case for enterprises to never have to show up on the front of the newspaper.

Better yet, Jan tackles challenging “how” questions head on! – “How do we get employees to not become inadvertent security threats?”; “How to determine access controls that will truly help protect data without requiring a “lockdown”?; “how to implement policies and have an impact?”.

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