Workers to IT: Better Support, Please!

Disruptive IT Trends1 minute readJun 17th, 2010

Today’s chart contrasts the views of workers and employers on the quality of IT support provided by the organization.

There’s a big gap between the two. Employers uniformly believe they provide average or above average IT support, while workers uniformly say it’s below average.

Workers feel internal IT support is particularly poor around on-the-job usage of new social networking tools such as Facebook and Twitter.

The business implications:

  • Organizations are not investing in the kind of IT support needed by today’s information workers.
  • As usage of social applications and tools continues to grow in the workplace, the IT support gap will only get larger — imperiling worker productivity and opening security risks.
  • Talented workers and potential recruits will look for employers who are providing support for the tools they need to be productive and happy on the job.