What’s Your Mission? Leveraging the Disruptive Trends for Business Benefit

Disruptive IT Trends3 minutes readJul 25th, 2011

If you’re a James Bond afficionado like myself, you may remember the recent line when he was asked to become “half monk and half hitman” in the service of his country – somewhat contradictory goals! As a CIO or business leader you may not be asked or expected to act in such extreme ways by your C-suite or your Board of Directors, but I’m sure there are many cases where you’re being asked to seek out solutions which can address both cost reduction targets to optimize efficiencies and revenue goals to help grow the business.

One of the interesting things with disruptive trends in general is that they can often be leveraged in numerous ways in support of business objectives. For example, mobile computing can be used not only to improve worker productivity with access to information and transactions at any time and any place, but it can also be used to improve your brand with customers by engaging with them on their new, preferred consumer devices such as smartphones and tablets, and even laptops which they have personally acquired and brought into their workplace. In addition, you may well be using these consumer devices as a new channel, not only to engage with customers, but also to deliver innovative new services such as mobile commerce or location-based services.

It’s no secret that Boards of Directors are looking for CIOs to ensure IT provides increasingly significant value to the business year over year. As we start to see, albeit slow, economic recovery in sight, there is increasing interest in not only applying disruptive technologies and trends for rigorous IT cost management, but also for creating compelling game changers for the business that can directly lead to new orders and revenue. The disruptive trends are also a great way to innovate your way to growth in a down economy as well. Example game changers might include new transportation-focused cloud-based services or new financial services enabled for mass collaboration via social computing.

So where can we find these solutions in support of our mission? By their very nature, disruptive trends are exactly the right place to look for these “game changers” and we invite you to explore these trends on our site. How are you leveraging the disruptive trends? Is your focus shifting towards using IT to create new game changers for the business as well as for cost savings for IT? How is your mission changing as we head towards 2012?

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