What Influencers Are Saying About the Unisys/IDC Consumerization of IT Research

Disruptive IT Trends2 minutes readJul 28th, 2011

Our new Consumerization of IT study has created a fair bit of buzz in the media since we released the results two weeks ago.

What are key influencers saying? Here’s a sampling:

  • Nancy Gohring of IDG was most interested in the misconceptions enterprises had about the state of their infrastructure: “Enterprises think they are in control of these devices, but in fact they are in control of only a small part of their infrastructure, with a significant number of employees going off the grid in acquiring and using their own devices.” You can read her full piece here.
  • ReadWriteWeb’s Klint Finley was drawn to the “always on” nature of today’s workforce and the interesting places that respondents admitted to work-related mobile usage.

Others opted to present the data as a slide show, like this piece from Michael Vizard at IT Business Edge. Or this one from Dennis McCafferty for CIO Insight.

We’re thrilled by all the conversation our study has generated, but we’re even more interested in what these findings mean to you. How does your organization match up against those in the results? What statistics jumped out at you?

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