Webinar: How Your Organization Can Capitalize on the Consumerization of IT

Disruptive IT Trends1 minute readFeb 21st, 2011

You might remember that Unisys commissioned an in-depth study on the consumerization of IT from IDC in 2010. It exposed a serious gap between how IT leadership and information workers view the IT support capabilities provided by their organizations.

The full body of data uncovered by IDC was so rich that we decided to present the results in a webinar called Capitalizing on the Fourth Wave of Productivity. Think of this as the Cliff Notes for the full length IDC iView report released in June 2010.

The webinar below breaks down the results of a survey meant to explore the discrepancies between what workers say they want, need, and are getting out of their productivity tools, and the support the enterprise thinks they provide these workers.

Sit back and take in the facts surrounding consumerization of IT. What is most, or least, surprising? Download the webinar transcript if you prefer to read along.