Want to Let Workers Bring Their Own Technology? Unisys Tells You How

Disruptive IT Trends2 minutes readNov 8th, 2010

There were two statistics that came out of our recent poll of information workers will be particularly interesting to IT leadership. Both address the purchase of the electronic devices IT workers use to be more productive in their jobs:

1) Nearly three-quarters of these workers indicated that they would be willing to pay at least part of the cost for productivity-enhancing technology for work if they could choose it themselves.

2) Nearly one-third said that they would be willing to pick up the full cost.

We’ve talked about this trend here before. It’s called BYOT: Bring your own technology. And if businesses harness this desire among employees to pay for part or all of their own productivity tools, it can mean more money in the organizations pocket and satisfied workers as well. How can IT leadership make a program like this a reality?

Our own Sam Gross answered the question for Ann All of IT Business Edge, providing his expert advice for supporting employee owned technology. The result was an article featuring his commentary and an accompanying slideshow that breaks the process down into 12 simple steps.

Follow those steps to develop and implement a comprehensive BYOT program that balances what employees want to be more productive in their jobs with what works best within the constraints of the organization.

Read Ann’s article, then watch the slideshow. Have you implemented a BYOT program in your business? What made it work, or what could you have done differently?