Voxy.co.nz Examines the Implications of “BYOC”

Disruptive IT Trends1 minute readAug 31st, 2010

New Zealand blog site Voxy.co.nz drilled down on the implications for the IT and finance departments of employees bringing their own technology devices to work in David Silversmith’s post BYOC – Bring Your Own Computer. The article quotes Sam Gross and results of the recent Unisys online poll which asked the question, “What percentage of the cost of your job’s IT tools would you be willing to fund if you had freedom to choose what you could use?” Read the post for David’s take on things.

While the New Zealand findings of the Consumerization of IT research shows that employees are less willing to purchase their own IT devices to use at work than the global average, those kiwis who do buy their own devices are choosing the ones that allow them to be more mobile in their work: laptops, mobile phones, smartphones, and PDAs.

Clearly the increasing use of consumer-style IT in the workplace is an unstoppable trend that organizations should embrace. However, if some of these devices are employee-owned, organizations need to work out how to manage the insurance, security, HR, and legal implications before they are attached to the corporate network.