Verizon and CES Dominate Consumerization News

Disruptive IT Trends1 minute readJan 14th, 2011

It was hard to say what the biggest consumerization news was this week, since the Consumer Electronics Show is all about consumer technologies. But alongside some key takeaways from the show was the big Verizon/Apple announcement and more projections about IT challenges for 2011. Read on to see what the media is buzzing about.

Forrester explains what the Verizon/Apple deal means for the enterprise and for content and collaboration professionals: Verizon Wireless Support For iPhone 4 Opens More Enterprise Doors

Internet Evolution says corporate decision-makers will have to get control over the adoption and use of the cloud to be successful this year: Cloud Control Will Be an IT Priority in 2011

BBC discusses companies that are letting employees use their own computers and mobile devices: BYOC: Should employees buy their own computers?

Federal Computer Week reports on the biggest consumerization news to come out of CES: A peek at the future of enterprise IT