Unisys Security Index: Consumer Awareness Brings Expectations on Organizations

Disruptive IT Trends2 minutes readMay 11th, 2012

As we’ve conducted the Unisys Security Index over the past six years, we’ve seen a growing awareness of cyber threats among the general public. Interestingly, we are seeing new evidence of this in the growth in concern levels in the areas of financial security and personal security, which are now eclipsing concerns about national security. In our most recent Unisys Security Index report, we found the highest levels of consumer concern about protection of personal information and identity theft.

These findings are especially significant for our public sector clients, because they directly relate to the way these organizations should offer online services to citizens. Citizens who want to access their social security records or tax information online will expect the government to protect their identities and their privacy. Public sector organizations will have to provide secure authentication and strong protection from cyber criminals.

This will hold true in the private sector as well. Commercial services providers in areas such as financial services and healthcare are facing the same challenges with regard to how they interact with consumers on line. Solutions to challenges such as data protection and securing mobile devices will be essential.

Cybersecurity issues are reported in the headlines on a weekly basis, and consumers are more aware of the threats than ever. With this awareness will come expectations that the organizations they trust to protect their data will do just that.

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