‘Tis the Season: IT Security This Holiday Season

Disruptive IT Trends2 minutes readSep 16th, 2010

I recently read that 27 million Americans want a tablet PC or mobile computing device. This holiday season (which is right around the corner), millions of them will get their wish. And the next day they’ll slam your IT department with requests to integrate their new tablet with your enterprise apps.

A word to the wise: Spend some time educating employees about the importance of security software, updates, and patches before they bring their device into the workplace.

Those smarmy hackers and naughty identity thieves will be waiting for them to power up their device and get busy on the internet. I predict that in early 2011, we’ll see headlines proclaiming, “Happy New Year: You’ve been hacked!”

Urge employees who might receive one of those cool mobile devices, or purchase one for a family member, to take personal responsibility for protecting the personal and corporate data that could be loaded onto that new tablet. That means purchasing security software with their devices, using this protection from day one, and keeping the security software up to date.

If employees think they’re too busy to download those patches and security updates, they need to think again. Software vendors aren’t trying to be a nuisance. They’re trying to protect vulnerable data. Advise employees to allow the security downloads the proper time to do their thing, or they might find themselves spending a lot more time trying to recover their identity while you scramble to figure out what corporate data they’ve compromised.

Stressing these points will save you, and them, a lot of trouble down the line. The ultimate lesson to impress upon your consumerized workforce? Security is a journey, not a destination. Take ownership over the security of personal devices and consistently work to keep them protected.