The Wall Street Journal Radio Features Unisys-IDC Research

Disruptive IT Trends1 minute readJun 29th, 2010

Yesterday’s edition of The Wall Street Journal Radio’s “Tech News Briefing” features a news report on the Unisys-IDC “Consumerization of IT” research, with clips from an interview with our own Sam Gross.

Sam makes pointed comments on the greater security consciousness that employees can show when they own their own equipment, and on the inexorable evolution of the workforce that is driving the consumerization of IT phenomenon.

This morning, the report aired again with a second sound byte from Sam. This time he touched on the IT support gap — the disconnect between how workers rate the IT support they receive, and how organizations rate the support they provide. Sam also blogged about this recently.

Thanks to Sam for a great interview. We’ll be sure to hear more from him in the coming days and weeks.