Taming the Information-Centric Enterprise the Smart Way

Disruptive IT Trends3 minutes readFeb 28th, 2012

In this information-centric economy, it is imperative to have an enterprise-wide, advanced analytics strategy that can interpret a variety of data streams – most in real-time – and make appropriate and automated business decisions to reduce costs and improve operational efficiencies or to create compelling game changers for the business.

This leaves IT organizations with the challenge of developing a coherent, consistent and smart data analytics capability across their application portfolio which is rapidly aging and growing in both size and complexity.  Today’s application portfolios include large numbers of software components with intricate dependencies and a wide variety of technologies.  Most of these aging applications store a wealth of data that, if made accessible to smart analytics engines, can provide valuable business insights to operate efficiently, grow competitively and comply with regulations effectively. 

As a result of aging application portfolios, however, IT managers find themselves struggling to rapidly adapt yesterday’s technology to today’s business needs while trying to assure that the budgets are not exceeded, planned returns are achieved and business is not exposed to excessive risks.  This application modernization problem has reached a point where it is way beyond the capabilities of traditional “rip-and-replace” approaches.  This problem directly affects the quality of business services, revenue, company reputation and business continuity. What is needed is a new approach to application modernization – one with minimal cost and risk that can help open up the vast amount of information that is collected on a daily basis and unlock new business potential.

Over the past years, the service-oriented approach to application modernization has proven to be successful in delivering the premise of business flexibility and cost savings – but at the expense of increased complexity and overhead if service governance and management is neglected.  An important step in achieving complex enterprise service-oriented modernization initiatives is adopting a comprehensive platform that can provide seamless, full life-cycle governance that extends from design-time management to run-time performance, utilization and security of software services.  A solid service management foundation with smart governance controls is a key success factor in achieving a cost-effective, secure and manageable service-oriented enterprise. 

Unisys Application Modernization Platform as a ServiceSM (AMPSSM) solution achieves just that.  With its best-in-class service management and monitoring approach, AMPS delivers on its key principle of strategic IT service governance and transparency.  Using proven technologies and a patent-pending modernization framework, AMPS provides an open, standards-based architecture.  This allows you to incrementally modernize and open up enterprise applications and expose valuable business data to external analytical engines using an optimized shared-service application development process.  AMPS mitigates the complexity, risk and time-to-market issues associated with similar Service-Oriented Enterprise platforms by providing policy-based, automated governance processes through a subscription-based,  hosted service.  AMPS provides rapid enablement of legacy enterprise applications so that the valuable mission-critical business data can be made available for intelligent analytical engines, helping to tame the information beast.

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