Smart Computing – Not Just for Smart Cities

Disruptive IT Trends2 minutes readAug 2nd, 2011

Smart computing, often termed intelligent analytics, is all about utilizing the incredible processing power of today’s computing environments to optimize business decisions in real time and convert the ever-growing flood of data into both meaningful information and actionable intelligence. Compared to other disruptive trends however – such as cloud, mobile and social computing – smart computing seems to get less attention in the media other than for its power to enable smart cities and the various components of a smart city such as grid infrastructure, utilities, education, buildings and transportation.

For the CIO, smart computing can be a powerful tool to help transform IT to be able to deal with issues such as information overload, rising data center complexity, increasing levels of cybercrime and security-related events, and even increasing labor costs of providing customer support. By adopting smart computing techniques, organizations can reduce their dependencies on internal teams to manage their IT infrastructures and associated data streams related to data processing, information security, and even customer service, so that staff can focus on higher-value and more strategic activities in support of the business. You can think of it as the next step in the IT automation continuum helping to intelligently process what were formerly manual, repetitive and labor-intensive tasks.

Smart computing as a trend is also a great companion to the “Big Data” trend and your strategies around both can be mutually beneficial. While “Big Data” solutions may address storage rationalization and even transformation of information infrastructures to address today’s reality of increasing data complexity, volume and velocity, smart computing can serve as what we might call the “intelligence on top” in order to make business decisions in real-time based upon this information-rich, high-velocity data stream. After all, if you’re living in a smart city, you need a smart business too!

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