Ovum recommends Unisys’ risk averse approach to modernisation

Disruptive IT Trends2 minutes readOct 12th, 2012

In today’s business environment technology is the differentiator in many sectors. Organisations are being pressured to grow revenues and adapt to the rapidly changing environment at the same time; which inevitably creates pressure points. In many cases IT departments are struggling to keep up with the pace of the demands of the business where strategies can change very quickly. In addition to the challenging pace of business; inflexible and ageing IT assets often fail to satisfy the demands placed upon them by a digitised ‘always on’ economy.

With over 75 percent of the world’s business data – and 90 percent of financial transactions – processed on legacy systems, organisations are challenged to deliver modernisation strategies and take control of the lifecycle of complex business critical application portfolios. The cost and risk burden of ageing legacy applications being one of the main issues, with 70 percent or more of enterprise IT budget spent on ongoing operations and maintenance.

Unisys’ Application Modernisation Platform as a Service (AMPS) is one way of addressing the complexity within legacy applications and can significantly speed up modernisation programs that typically take three to five years, expediting them to now be delivered in as little as 18 months. In addition to the greater speed at which application modernisation programmes can be delivered, analyst house Ovum recently published a note recommending Unisys’ risk averse approach to the modernisation, and management of, application portfolios.

Ovum suggests that with a combination of tools, processes and services, “the most significant benefit of AMPS is that it facilitates a transformation in application flexibility, and management processes, that can reduce the budget spent on maintenance by 50 percent, to nearer 30 percent of the total.” Ovum recommends Unisys AMPS as most appropriate for large enterprises with significant-sized legacy application portfolios.

By using the right tools, approach and professional expertise, modernising mission-critical applications can deliver rapid results and return on investment, paving the way for business flexibility and innovation.

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