In Case You Missed It

Disruptive IT Trends1 minute readOct 1st, 2010

If you’re not in the c-suite, you should forward this week’s articles to IT leadership. If you are IT leadership, these headlines highlight the reasons you should be concerned about consumerization, including the cost associated with Web 2.0 security breaches, challenges of managing a consumer workforce, and the unknown future of IT. Scan the articles below for more.

Businessweek suggests ways to handle innovators in your organization that balance the conflicting needs of management and IT: How to Manage Empowered Staff and Customers

ReadWriteWeb shares five ways to improve enterprise security so you’re business can embrace employees’ use of social collaboration tools: To Block or Not to Block Facebook and Social Media in the Workplace

ZDNet says that the IT to business relationship we see today will not work in five to 10 years: Will IT fall beneath the shadows?

InformationWeek warns that ignoring the security threats posed by social media come with a huge price tag: Web 2.0 Breaches Cost Businesses $1.1 Billion

TechCrunch TV posts a panel discussion regarding apps used in the enterprise: Consumerization of Enterprise: TechCrunch Disrupt SF