In Case You Missed It

Disruptive IT Trends1 minute readSep 17th, 2010

Recent headlines in the CoIT world revolve around consumerized workers and their role in shifting the way IT departments do business. Scan the links below for a look at the stories every CIO should read.

The Agile Executive illustrates the many facets of consumerization in the enterprise and explains what’s accelerating the trend: Consumerization of Enterprise Software.

Computer World presents three challenges that consumerization presents to IT and identifies best practices for mitigating them: Wireless consumer-ization: User joy, IT’s misery.

ZDNet says the cat is out of the bag. We now know how easy, powerful, and simple IT can be: CoIT: How an accidental future is becoming reality.

Bruce Schneier says that the argument IT uses to fight the consumerization trend, security risk, won’t hold up much longer: Consumerization and Corporate IT Security.

Harvard Business Review explains what a HERO is when you’re talking about CoIT: IT in the Age of the Empowered Employee.