In Case You Missed It

Disruptive IT Trends1 minute readSep 10th, 2010

It’s Friday afternoon and time for another dose of consumerization of IT news. There were dozens of articles I could have shared, but these five did a great job encapsulating what’s happening in the enterprise today.

ReadWrite Enterprise puts the spotlight on companies whose applications are now synonymous with the consumerization of IT trend: 5 Companies Thriving on the Rise of Shadow IT.

GigaOM asks whether the social tools we use to be more productive and connected in our private lives are enterprise ready:  Are “Consumer” Collaboration Tools Good Enough for the Enterprise?

Tech Republic reports on the use of iPhones at JP Morgan Chase and UBS: Big banks open up to iPhones as IT consumerization marches on.

CIO tells us what happens when 350 iPads hit the campus of Florida State University: My iPad Enterprise Rollout: 5 Surprises.

TechCrunch reports on Skype’s search for revenue channels, which seems to be leading it to the enterprise: Eyeing The Enterprise, Skype Certifies IT Consultants In The U.S.