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Disruptive IT Trends1 minute readDec 17th, 2010

This week’s consumerization headlines have us looking ahead to 2011. How fast will tablets be adopted at the enterprise level? What will extensive use of consumer devices for work mean for enterprise security this holiday season? And what will the coming year bring in terms of SaaS and social software? Read on to find out.

Forbes reports that affordable pricing will be key to selling tablets in mass quantities: Sprint Says 4G Tablet Coming In 2011, 80% Of CIOs Want To Buy Tablets

A Software Insider’s Point of View explains the role of mobile, social, cloud, analytics and game theory, and video and UC in enterprise software development: Research Report: How The Five Pillars Of Consumer Tech Influence Enterprise Innovation

CIO says that the enterprise can learn a lot from recent government security breaches: WikiLeaks Teaches Enterprises 5 Hard Truths warns of the risk of using smartphones for work without a security solution: Top 10 Mobile Mistakes to Avoid This Holiday Season

ReadWriteWeb reports on trends and forecasts regarding SaaS and social software: Gartner Predicts Strong Growth for Both Enterprise SaaS and Social Software in 2011