In Case You Missed It

Disruptive IT Trends1 minute readOct 15th, 2010

We look to the future with this week’s consumerization headlines. Can the tablet break its way into the corporate world? How grim will the holidays be for IT departments? How will we interact with clients in years to come? Scan the news below for the details.

ZDNet crunches the numbers and finds that by 2014, consumers will buy nine times more tablets than businesses: CTIA: IDC Says Enterprises Won’t Buy Tablets (But They’ll Still Be Awash in Them)

The VAR Guy says it might not be such a Merry Christmas for IT support: Will iPads Trigger Christmas Hangover for CIOs & VARs?

ReadWriteWeb breaks down the implications of opening the enterprise to mobile applications: How Apps Affect the Network

Mashable considers the future of vendor-to-client face time: Is Mobile Video Chat Ready for Business Use?

InformationWeek shares what Lenny Heymann, General Manager of Interop, thinks will be the themes of Interop NYC: The 4 C’s Of Interop NYC: Cloud Computing, Consolidation, Consumerization, And CIOs