Heads up Facebook and iPhone; Here Come Chatter and Droid

Disruptive IT Trends1 minute readFeb 4th, 2011

Headlines this week continue to give attention to competitors of the two the consumer technologies with the biggest strongholds: Facebook and iPhone. Also, more predictions for enterprise disruptors and ways to show your employees some consumerization love.

ReadWriteWeb predicts how social, mobile, cloud, analytics, unified communications, and budgets will make waves for enterprise IT this year: How Will Technology Disrupt the Enterprise in 2011?

Forbes explains why Apple doesn’t give bulk discounts for an order of 5,400 iPads: How Apple Is Winning The Enterprise Without Even Trying

ZDNet reports on the newest entrant in the social network market: Is Chatter.com poised to become the next Facebook?

Network World shares MobileIron’s tips for CIOs on dealing with the onslaught of Android devices: Android’s Big Rush Could Sack IT: 5 Preparation Tips

Mashable says that a consumerization-friendly workplace means happier employees: 10 Easy Ways to Show Your Employees You Love Them