Disruptive Trends in 2013: New Challenges, New Opportunities for CIOs

Disruptive IT Trends2 minutes readJan 18th, 2013

Disruptive technologies such as cloud, mobile, social and big data, are all transformational IT trends that Unisys has been tracking for many years now and innovating within our portfolio. As we kick off 2013, we wanted to provide a glimpse from our various subject matters experts in terms of what we might expect from these trends throughout the course of the year. How will these major trends evolve and what kinds of new challenges and opportunities might we expect CIOs to encounter as they continue to leverage these trends across their organizations for strategic business benefit?

In a recent article for ComputerWorld, I outlined 10 CIO considerations for disruptive trends in 2013. Rather than predictions, these were considerations that we anticipate CIOs to encounter throughout the year looking across all of these disruptive trends. Some of the major themes included leveraging unique new combinations of the trends, driving initiatives from the end user perspective, managing complexity while transforming the entire IT stack on the fly, and re-thinking application development frameworks.

In our set of six blogs highlighted below, our Unisys subject matter experts examine each disruptive trend individually. Within each blog, they provide their views in terms of both new and ongoing business benefits we anticipate CIOs will be extracting from these trends, and also some of the underlying challenges and complexities they will need to address as part of the journey. You can review each blog by clicking on each trend below:

We hope you enjoy reading our thoughts related to how these trends will further evolve in 2013 and look forward to hearing from you!

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