Consumerization of IT: Watch Out For Second Wave of Research From Unisys and IDC

Disruptive IT Trends2 minutes readJul 5th, 2011

This time last year we released the results of our first ever study on the consumerization of IT, conducted jointly with IDC. Last year’s research generated so much interest in the media and our client base that we decided to do it again this year.

That 2010 study showed just how unprepared IT organizations were to deal wit the influx of consumer-rooted technologies, such as smartphones and social apps, that employees were increasingly using for work.

No wonder. As The Wall Street Journal’s Roger Cheng recently pointed out in a very interesting article, allowing a tsunami of consumer devices and mobile apps into the enterprise carries with it a range of support, management, and security challenges for IT organizations.

The additional influx of tablets in the last year has also given IT even more of an incentive to accommodate iWorkers’ demand for mobility and more things to worry about in doing so.

Without giving away too much, you’ll see from the 2011 study that IT’s task in supporting consumerization of IT hasn’t gotten any easier, to say the least. How wide has the gap become? And where are the landmines along the edges?

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