Capturing Consumer-Powered Lightning in a Bottle

Disruptive IT Trends2 minutes readFeb 14th, 2011

The consumerization of IT is driving economic change at a level not seen since the global spread of industrial technology a hundred years ago. What was known as “Web 2.0” early in this century, and the business and consumer applications it wrought, continue to evolve at a blinding pace. Just last summer the world met the iPad. Just weeks ago the world started hearing about iPad 2.0. And so it goes, and will continue to go.

Consumer software and services have grown to become true business platforms which, when properly secured, integrated, and managed, can deliver dramatic productivity and efficiency gains for the enterprise: cloud computing, software as a service (SaaS), social media, mobile broadband and devices, personal offline storage, and other consumerized IT. But there’s a short history of using these technologies for business. And their continued convergence and morphing pose real management challenges.

We have much to learn, but it is clear they are leading disruptive change in the way we communicate, collaborate, and in the IT infrastructures that companies use to support their business operations. This excerpt from my new book, “Business in the Cloud,” explores the issues of when to move to cloud computing and what applications to begin with.