Agility to Meet Dynamic Human Interface Transitions

Disruptive IT Trends2 minutes readAug 2nd, 2011

End users and customers of an organization frequently want to push the envelope when it comes to their IT solutions. Their requests may not always seem logical to IT professionals, since the perceived cost and time to implement exotic extensions may not be aligned with IT budgets and resources.

While many of these requests in the past have required specialized resources and complex development, the advent of IT Appliances can frequently simplify and speed the implementation process. Appliances are configured to meet the requirements of a specific function or set of functions, establishing an environment that has a much better chance for success. Appliances typically automate complex development and management functions, allowing the developer to focus on the solution extension desired. In most cases, the appliance will conform to industry or defacto standards, creating a solution that more easily keeps pace with the evolution of the industry.

Unisys has established IT Appliances in a variety of areas. Some focus on vertical solutions and provide a vehicle to address a complete business problem. Others, such as ClearPath Specialty Engines, focus on specific elements of existing application solutions. The Specialty Engine approach allows an organization to preserve the investment in current solutions, while providing an innovative method of expanding it to meet emerging requirements.

Today, the ClearPath environment offers a series of Specialty Engines to address specific requirements. ClearPath ePortal enables existing application solutions to accommodate new human interface requirements, including web services, web browser interfaces and integration of smart devices (e.g. iPhone and iPad). This integration technology establishes a new method of supporting end users without requiring modifications to the existing application solution. It provides an economic, rapid development technology that can meet the needs of the end user community. Since it has been developed to support the interface standard used by most mobile devices, it can more easily keep pace with the evolution of smart devices, without requiring complex programming. This is one example of how ClearPath Specialty Engines allow an organization to focus on business problems, rather than technical issues.

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