2012 IT Predictions: Disruptive IT Trends Move Into the Fabric of Mission-Critical Systems

Disruptive IT Trends2 minutes readJan 17th, 2012

The Unisys IT predictions for 2012 center around six Disruptive IT Trends that we introduced last year.  A year ago we predicted that with cost-consciousness the “new normal,” organizations would tap the cloud, consumerization of IT, social and smart computing, appliances, and cybersecurity to make their mission-critical systems more productive, secure, and efficient.

Overall, the key theme for 2012 will be one of customer-facing business innovation and we’re predicting that organizations will continue to embed and integrate these disruptive IT trends into their mission-critical business applications and processes, having cleared some of the earlier technical hurdles.

We expect organizations will expand the IT and business scenarios in which these trends will be applied and place even greater emphasis on streamlining IT service delivery through intelligent automation and low cost deployment mechanisms such as cloud computing. In addition, with expectations for IT to be a direct contributor to companies’ top-line revenues increasing year-over-year, there will be an intense focus on innovating with these technologies including mobile and social computing around mission-critical, customer-facing scenarios to deliver highly value-added and differentiated services in a more cost-effective manner.

Overall, in the most forward-thinking organizations, we expect these six disruptive IT trends to move from the periphery and become more a seamless part of the enterprise application fabric: more pervasive, embedded, integrated, secure, and insightful, and more directly contributing to both customer-facing and internal business objectives. These are the hallmarks of truly disruptive technologies – offering an approach which is often “faster-better-cheaper” than conventional approaches and thus quickly rendering prior techniques obsolete.

Since there’s so much to discuss in this year’s predictions, we have opted to explore our predictions with a set of blog posts from Unisys subject matter experts covering each disruptive trend which you can visit by clicking on each trend below.

We hope you enjoy reading our Predictions for 2012 and look forward to hearing from you!

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