Top 5 Public Cloud Myths Busted

Cloud Computing3 minutes readSep 6th, 2013

Although Cloud adoption is at its tipping point today, there is an overwhelming preference for private clouds. These preferences are bolstered by challenges which could be myths or would have been true a couple years ago. Businesses need to look past these myths to make the right decisions for driving growth and innovation. Here is a list of Top 5 public cloud myths busted:

  1. Myth: Public Cloud is not secure – Multiple cyber-attacks have made businesses wary to move applications in cloud. Moving data to public cloud translates to compromising security and control.
    Busted: You can’t Hack what you cannot see – What businesses need is a technology that cloaks endpoints, creates communities of interest and segments data so that only those with the right permissions can see and access the endpoints.
  2. Myth: Your Cloud Sits in a Corner – Cloud must be used in a limited way as it does not fit into the existing IT ecosystem.
    Busted: Cloud Integrates in your ecosystem – Cloud is about creating a hybrid environment and not replacing legacy system. Whether in a cloud or an on-premise datacenter your applications can still talk to each other and live in one ecosystem regardless of where they get their computing resource from.
  3. Myth: Cloud is Unreliable – Public cloud cannot be trusted to support daily operations. Some high-profile cloud breaches have left everyone alarmed about consistency and reliability of data they can access in cloud and many generalize that any shutdown large or small condemns cloud.
    Busted: Cloud Plans your Disaster Recovery Strategy – One of the most understated use cases for cloud is Disaster Recovery. Cloud builds backup situations, given the geographic dispersion of centers. Think of the current significant cost that goes into administration and duplication of centers.
  4. Myth: Cloud automates IT and eliminates jobs – Organizations need people and cannot afford to lose any of them to technology. Cloud will automate the process and this would mean losing a talented workforce.
    Busted: Cloud pushes the innovation envelope – In fact, cloud is actually the innovation offer that attracts a talented workforce. The existing workforce doesn’t have to struggle to maintain the plumbing and can focus more on retraining and innovating newer services.
  5. Myth: Move your applications based on market trends. Cloud is all about trendy applications and not the hardcore operations to run a business. Companies need to follow what the majority of the market is moving to cloud and not what is business-critical.
    Busted: Map your applications based on your business priorities – Cloud is so much more than a market trend. You should map and move applications that apply to your priorities such as scalability, speed and automation that are just not possible without the cloud.

Remember next time you plan to move your workloads to cloud, It’s all about business and not technology.

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